Thursday, 13 November 2008

Skywatch Friday

Another Friday, another skywatch. The time is running so quickly. I haven´t had time to answer the comments, to post any article, to check other people´s sites for a while. I´ll have to rectify it all during the weekend.
The winter came and it means the sky is grey. Even if the sun shines and there are no clouds, the colour of the sky is pale, the vivid colours have disappeared.
Today not only the sky was colourless, but also it was drizzling all day long. If the temperature had been lower, it would have been snowing.
So I´ve decide to cheer myself up a bit and I am posting some photos I took last month in front of our house. This post is a commemoration of Indian summer and the sun.

The two lines by two planes - going somewhere where there´s a hot weather? Maybe..


Do not miss the photos of the sky from all over the world. Check the skywatch site!



Grammy said...

I love your photos they are amazing.
Happy SWF!

Louise said...

Oh, I like your Indian summer skies! It cheers me up, too! Although my skies are bright and beautiful, my house is not warm!

Peťa said...

seriál pokračije... :-)

PJ said...

I can't believe I missed your SWF post. I've been under the weather (pun intended) but I'm glad to see you have had some brilliant blue skies even if it's overcast now. I would love to read a post about, or see some photos of, your hometown, Namnet.

Namnet said...

Thank you for nice comments.

to Louise:
I am glad they cheered you up. Everytime I look from my window and see the grey winter sky, I have to look at those pictures to know that the grey won´t last forever.

Namnet said...

to Peťa:
A další díly jsou v plánu:-)

to PJ:
I got the pun:-)
I´ve intended to post something about my hometown soon. I love the idea of daily photo from some town or city, but I do not have time to do it. So it will be some kind of compromise - I will post some pictures (with description) each month and maybe I will realize I can post something daily:-)
This Monday is the bank holiday in the whole Czech Republic and I am going to write why it is so. A bit of the history:-)