Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Celebrating Halloween

In previous post I said I would post here some photos of my students "tomorrow". Well, then I didn´t have time, the next day as well. You know time can fly so quickly. So, let´s pretend the "tomorrow" is today.
As I wrote before, the students didn´t want to wear costumes. They thought that they are too grown to wear them (they are from 19 to 23 years old). I didn´t wheedle them. You know, there is no tradition in celebrating Halloween here, so why bother my head about it. But they were zestful about preparing some refreshment and decoration.
When I came that day to work, the door leading to my class were closed and when I opened it, it was like: "Wow, thank you for the atmosphere!"

The room was dark, only the candles were burning all around. In the photo above, there is my desk. I loved those candles. I felt like a revered idol having them there.
They also curved some Jack-O´lanterns which was a pleasant surprise. The smaller pumpkin was a bit burned by the candle inside (and smelled like a lunch for a while:-), but they´ve survived and we have them in our classroom since then.

The student brought lots of food and we had a feast. They also made some coffee and tea in our staffroom.
And then we were talking about the origin of Halloween, the traditions the old Celts adhered, and about how this day is celebrated nowadays. We also played some games, and then we watched Sleepy Hollow .

But I dare say that most of the time they all were enjoying themselves. As I did.



PJ said...

I had to laugh about the burned pumpkin, I've done that myself. You look like you had a great time and did a lot of work. Maybe it will turn out to be a tradition afterall, especially since Halloween can be so much fun.

Namnet said...

pumpkin lanterns can be wayward and erratic. They have their own head, you know...:-)
I enjoyed it very much.
At the primary school I teach, there is a tradition of celebrating Halloween already. It is my asset I must say and I am proud of it:-)
So now I hope the same will happen at the language school with the older students. They enjoyed it so maybe...:-)