Thursday, 14 August 2008

The Three Days of Meeting Friends

Last three days were wonderful, fun, sunny, and superb. Two friends of mine came after a very long time. So we spent as much time together as the time allowed us.

The first one moved from our hometown after her wedding and 12 weeks ago she gave a birth to a lovely boy so she wanted to show him to us. We´ve know each other for about six years, and especially the first year was very intense as we spent together some time almost every day in every week of that year:-)

The second one is different from my other female friends, just one of the kind, in my life. We´ve been friends since the primary school and stay friends even when our lives have separated and she lives and study elsewhere than me. Now she has come back from a year abroad (Canada, Spain) and we met yesterday and it was as if we had met a day before for the last time. No games, no affectation, no tension.
And I´ve realised that we are very similar. That is why she is so different from my other female friends. They are usually my opposites (in thinking, behaviour, etc.) but she is the same in many ways as me. So every time we meet I assure myself that I am not weird:-)

I am watching the Olympics. I am really in it. Deeeply:-) It is so touching and doesn´t matter who wins but the moment they listen to their national anthem and get moved the moment I start to sob:-) I have never thought that I am so lachrymose person....

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