Friday, 8 August 2008

Little Victory and Blackheart Rules!

Kevin Smith can congratulate himself. He won the appeal for his last movie rating. He´s cut the sexual scenes with the actors Jason Mewes and Katie Morgan, and everything is fine - the movie would be rated R. The film Zack and Miri Make a Porno has premiere on August 31.

Not long ago, I saw the film The Ghost Rider (2006). Errr... Well, it wasn´t so bad.... But was it the director? Deadly serious Nicolas Cage? The script? More deadly serious Nicolas Cage? I do not know, maybe everything.... I just felt I was watching the nice pictures glued together just to let the film continue somehow to its end.

But luckily the film has the bright moments. First: I started to simper - Mephistopheles: "Nice bike!" (for those who doesn´t know, it is a reference to the chopper Peter Fonda rides in The Easy Rider).

And the second: I have another favourite villain. Wes Bentley. He is the leading character for me and seems to be more "human", believable and in the end I almost rooted for him... Ok, not just almost, I did:-) Well, villains in long black coats are catchy:-)

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