Wednesday, 30 July 2008

The Town of Old Scalea

Scalea is a trully wonderful town. It is a tourist dream - it is not crowded with foreigners (the only pity is that almost nobody speaks English there), it is not dry country but full of colourful flowers and trees one, the beaches are amazing and travelling there you can visit the remarkable cities of Venice, Padova, Verona, Naples or Rome.
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The town of Old Scalea is placed on the top of the green hill. The name Scalea means "Steps" and looking at the old Scalea you would understand why. There is no single street without steps.

After starting to climbing the hill you reach the first square. There is a wonderful view to the whole Scalea and there are the first big steps to the top of the old town.

The steps are made from the little oval stones:

The tower in the picture of the view is called Talao Tower. A tower built in the 16th century, part of a system of 337 coastal towers built to deter the pirate attacks. Here it is from the closer look.

The absolutely top of the old town is full of narrow streets, weird but beautiful recesses and corners:

The numbers of houses were joined with very nice plates depict the tableau from the Bible (as was on the church´s door):

On our way back (lower:-)) to the new Scalea:

It started to drizzle first and than rain. And three twisters appeared on the sky!!! My first twister ever!:-) They were (fortunately, of course) the small ones and after some while only one stayed on the sky. I was enchanted by them:-)

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