Monday, 14 July 2008

The Place of 12 Citizens (part 2)

There were few things which make me wonder and curious in Vesec (the place we spent our holiday). The first one was houses and their architecture, of course.
There were two kinds of houses. The small ones just with a ground floor, low ceiling and small windows. And the bigger ones with a first floor and the typical long and narrow balcony. Both were surrounded with agricultural buildings. (Pictures of both types are in my latest article.)
I liked the small ones most. These houses were so cute and I just wondered how people can live there (as we lived in the bigger one and the ceiling there was so low the men had to mind their heads).

Many houses look same in the village. But there are some buildings I felt under their spell. The first one is this one:

It is a very low building that used to be a stable. I love the lower windows, they are almost on the level of the ground. The whole building radiated old magic and grase atypical for the stable. It perhaps belonged to some rich laird, because of the structure of building and the details above the entrance like this one:

The house the stable is connected with is another typical house in Vesec. But notice the gate with a roof (here and also in the picture below this one). There were just three houses with this original gate (and door alongside the gate).


The other wonderful thing there was trees. Old big trees. They were everywhere and when the wind started to blow, the whisper of their leaves became a roar and nothing was heard but them.


The proof that the houses have not changed much is this photograph took in 1917:

And the same house in 2008:

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