Monday, 14 July 2008

The Place of 12 Citizens (part 1)

We spent our holiday in a small village of Vesec in the Sobotka region. The village is really small, but pretty and unusual. It is a listed historic reservation of folk architecture whose timber-beamed farmsteads make it popular with film crews in search of unique footage.

In the village there are only 18 houses, all in roubenka style, from 18. and 19. centrury and just 12 people lives in the village because most of the houses are hired out nowadays.

The houses are marked out by unified windows (in many houses there are original frontages), and sort of long balcony (enabled the enterance to the higher floor) on the side oriented to the yard.

There are some buildings close to every house, like a big barn, the stables or cowsheds. In spite of fact they are not used any more they are in very fine conditions.
This was "our" barn:

The house and its agricultural buildings are very close to each other and they are shaped together like letter U. This is another beautiful house and buildings around it:

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