Sunday, 27 July 2008

Home Sweet Home?

We travelled 20 hours and reached home at about 2pm. Fortunately my grandmother made some fine meal for us and we could put our puffy legs down on the very fluffy pillows.
The sea was wonderfully clean. As well as the beach. It was full of marvelous stones of different shapes and colours. We spent most of our time there by picking and collecting them. I have decided to make some stone earrings or fasten them to the bag or shoes to make them original.
We didn´t go to the Pompeii after all, but we had a very nice trip to Taormine, the gorgeous town in Sicily. We also saw a twister (just a very small one), explored a town of Scalea (the town of steps), found some special and very tasty ice-cream flavors as Liquorice, Chilli or Cedro (a kind of citrus, my favourite), and many more.
It is good to be at home, but I could spend there much more time..... And I approve I like the odd houses and some architecture makes me wonder all the time. As one of my friend has said: "You hug the trees and take myriad pictures of queer buildings." Well, that´s probably me. So look forward to those pictures:-)


Peťa said...

Páni, a fotečky budou??

Namnet said...

Jasnačka:-) Jen je všechny musím naházet do počítače a pak nějakým způsobem zpracovat. Je jich trošku víc než obvykle... Jsem fotila naprosto všechno:-) Někdy během zítřka by to mohlo být:-)