Tuesday, 3 June 2008

The Wish list part 5

So McCall kissed Sissy. The first wish is done. The soul hunter is back in the hell and waiting for the reprogramming of his brain. And Meg is told the story about the second wish: McCall as a boy attended the boarding school where he was bullied all the time. But there were one chance to change it and he failed. The boys took him among themselves just once. They all wanted to play football on the famous stadium of Croke Park. So they climbed over the fence and... were caught and expelled from school . Every one of them except McCall who got frighten and wasn´t able to climb over the fence. And his growing-up at the boarding school got worse and never had changed. The second wish is to kick a ball into the goal at Croke Park.
Meg and McCall got into the stadium (Meg got into the McCall´s body and thaks to her strength they climbed over the very, very, very high wall) but the security guard appeared. It is Dessie´s brother and he recognized McCall as the man from Sissy´s show. And the strange thing happened - he is able to see Meg. After the explanation why they climbed over the wall and what they wanted to do, Murt (Dessie brother´s name) lent them a ball, Meg got into McCall´s body again and they kicked the ball at Croke Park together.
After McCall (with Meg inside) and Murt shaked their hands and thanks to this Meg was able to find out why Murt could see her. He was going to die soon. When they left he wanted to make a cup of tea with an old electric kettle with the uncovered wires, plugged it in the power point and... His aura was all blue so he got the heaven without any broblems.
And in the hell they were able to repair the soul hunter and learn something important about Meg from his mind. She has something unfinished with her step-father and her personality will force her to complete it. So the soul hunter has a chance to catch her just by waiting somewhere around.
I love this song. I love the bass line in it.

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