Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Tim Burton

Tim Burton is pairing up with Disney for two 3-D movies, Alice in Wonderland and Frankenweenie. The whole article is here:
I am interested more in Alice in Wonderland. Tim Burton´s and Lewis Carroll´s imagination together. Hm. Sounds wonderful:-) The only thing which makes me quite unhappy is that Tim Burton didn´t write the script, he is going to be "just" a director. Well, we´ll see....
Talking about Tim Burton - I´ve found this video on youtube. It si written and directed by Tim Burton, narrated by Vincent Price (Come on, you do know him... remember the voice-over in Michael Jackson´s Thriller? Yeah, that´s him.). The story mentiones E. A. Poe and his poem Raven. So, for those who doesn´t know this poem (I can´t believe there are some, but just to be sure...), here it is:
And finally the video. Enjoy:
I´ve also found another short film I like. It is called Angst and show us, how the wind could be really, really, really dangerous. So watch your children and their dogs well!:-)
I must say I love the animation of this film more than the story itself. Especially the end should be different, or better said - I would end it on 5:40 minutes... But I like it above all.

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