Tuesday, 27 May 2008

The Wish List Part 4 and Birds, Birds, Birds...

I will have to write the half-yearly exams with my students.. I hate that. Students are nervous, I am nervous if they know everything they should know, and then I have to mark them. It takes a lot of time to prepare the students for the exams and the marking is also time-consuming.... But today we were reading another part of The Wish List.
McCall and Meg entered the studio. They sat down among other seniors and Sissy came. She was as wonderful and nice as 50 years ago, when she was dating McCall. The telecast started and McCall got nervous. So nervous he wanted to leave. Immediately. But they were sitting in the middle of the line of chairs so everybody noticed when he stood up. Sissy did as well. And recognized him. Meg couldn´t stand how cowardly McCall started to behave, got into his body and the fun began. The McCall´s body got over many obstacles (as bodyguards, some handrails, or stanchions) with a support of the audience and silly exclamations of "olé". And he reached Sissy.
But in that moment also the soul hunter reached the studio and attacked Meg. They started to fight. McCall didn´t notice anything because he finally kissed Sissy. And thanks to this the big wave of the pure good started to spread over the whole studio and kicked the soul hunter back to the hell. And Meg´s aura got more blue in it.
After work I visited Sister and Smallone. I was there for about 5 hours and all three of us enjoyed that time. The Smallone painted another lines on the walls, changed the clothes of her doll almost 100times and we saw another parts of The Mole series. In the evening we ran a bath for her. So, Smallone were bathing and Sister and me were sitting in front of the bathtub. Mostly. At the end we were more wet nad moist than the Smallone. And Sister were amused how nice I was playing with Smallone and their toys in the bath. She promised me to borrow me some to my bath. She is soooo kind!:-) But I would have to give them back soon to another Smallone´s bathing. Chm. I should buy my own bathing duck...
Today´s song couldn´t be anything else but this one:-):
And talking about birds... I love this short film:

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