Saturday, 17 May 2008

The Celebration, Ice-cream and Anthony Minghella

Today we celebrated Sister´s birthday. The weather has been very nice so we celebrated it with a picnic and the whole family came. Smallone was enraptured by a swing and I took some wonderful pictures of her on it. And of Sister, Brother-in-law and Cousin. It was an amazing look - my 23-year-old Sister with her husband swinging and doing silly things. They were absolutely lovely.

I saw a nice document about the origin of an ice-cream and its changes during the time. Nobody knows where the ice-cream came from, but it is believed that it may be from Italy. Italians are the best ice-cream makers. A lot of them left their homeland and came to other parts of Europe or to the USA.
The father of Anthony Minghella left Italy and settled on the Isle of Wight to make fortune by ice-cream making. And he still makes a very special edition of an ice-cream to every premiere his son has. In the document Anthony Minghella´s mother said that when the premieres of The English Patient and The Talented Mr. Ripley were, they made some very fine ice-cream with a champagne and strawberries flavor and the other with the white chocolate and some fruit flavour.
At the beginning of the last century (when the first wafer cornet appeared) it was absolutely inconceivable for ladies to lick their ice-cream directly from the cornet. If they got their ice-cream in it, they had to bring it home first, then put the content into the bowl and ate it with a spoon. To lick anything and show their tongues was the most discourteous thing they could do.
Ice-cream is my favourite sweet. I has never thought about it, about the origin, the development in its production or the marketing. I was interested in the document and was curious from the beginning to its end.

When I was looking for the right spelling of Anthony Minghella´s name, I found out that he died in March. He died because of heavy bleeding owing to an operation of his tonsils. He was 54 years old.

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