Friday, 16 May 2008

Day of Reading and Looking After Small One

Finally my voice is getting better. In the morning there is still a bit of circular saw to hear, but I can shout to my students after all.
They were very nice today, so I tried to get over my indisposition and I continued with the reading. To the bigger ones I am reading The Wish List by Eoin Colfer. When I started to read them and the first chapter ended with the death of our heroine, the first half of my students kept on asking "what are we going to read next time" and "it was a bit short story, wasn´t it?". The rest of them wasn´t asking anything just because they were waiting for my answers...
So, Meg Finn went through the tunnel and she couldn´t go neither to the heaven nor to to the hell. She was sent back to earth and Beelzebub dispatched the soul hunter to catch her.
I hope they are enjoying it. My first choice was Artemis Fowl (the fifth book has been just published in my country at last - hooray hurrah) but I have the first book in English and although my students are assiduous in their English studies (ok, my wish:-)) they wouldn´t understand it.
With the small ones I am reading Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle by Betty McDonald. So, we learned who is Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle (and I collected some good drawings in the end of the lesson) and what the Raddish cure was for (the collection of the drawings got bigger).
In the afternoon we were looking after Smallone. Sister nad Brother-in-Law were shopping and bought some nice tees to Smallone and pizza for dinner. Smallone was incredible as always:-) Full of humor and we watched perhaps 10 parts of The Mole stories. Then the sleeping time had come and the problem appeared. We spent almost a half an hour to make her sleepy and resting. She was so tired, but couldn´t sleep at all. She even wanted me to breastfeed her which was a bit problem as I am just her aunt:-). So she ate a big porringer of mashed fruit and sponge-buiscuits and the world (and our nerves) was getting better and better. And sleepy and even more sleepy:-)

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