Monday, 19 May 2008

Nirvana, Neil and One Poem

When I was writing the yesterday article, suddenly there was a big clap of thunder, then lightning and then nothing. I became completely disconnected. No electricity, no Internet. The electricity appeared after a short dark and stumble-over-everything while but the connection to the world wide web did not. I had to wait for today afternoon to be connected again.
I am just checking everything I missed on the net yesterday and listening to some of my favourites. On the first place there is MTV Unplugged in New York by Nirvana. I love the way they play songs by Meat Puppets. Lake of Fire is the best:-)
Here you can listen to samples:
The other thing is Where´s Neil When You Need Him by various artists. There are songs inspired by work of the great Neil Gaiman. My favourites are Coraline by Rasputina, A Fish Called Prince by Deine Lakaien and of course Mr. Punch by Future Bible Heroes . But the others are also wonderful.
Here you can listen to samples of every song there:
Yesterday article was a bit long and today I am not going to write an another essay:-) So here is one nice and short poem by William Sharp. And that is going to be the end for today.
The Isle of Lost Dreams
by William Sharp
There is an Isle beyond our ken,
Haunted by Dreams of weary men.
Gray Hopes enshadow it with wings
Weary with burdens of old things:
There the insatiate water-springs
Rise with the tears of all who weep:
And deep within it,—deep, oh, deep!—
The furtive voice of Sorrow sings.
There evermore,
Till Time be o’er,
Sad, oh, so sad! the Dreams of men
Drift through the Isle beyond our ken.

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