Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Wish List part 2 and Suzanne Vega

At work I went on with the reading with my students.
Meg learned that she is much more stronger and her senses are sharper now. She could also feel emotions, memories and flashbacks of anyone and everything. So the sofa told her that there were many sweeties in it and moreover the ring. She asked McCall and he explained it was his wife´s ring. Her name was Nora and she was a drunk. And drinking killed her as she drank some toilet chemical. And he told her more - every decision he´d made was wrong and that was why his life was so desperate. But now he has Meg. And she should help him, thanks to that get more blue aura and be able to go to the heaven. His plan is simple - he made a list of every bad decision he made and there are four ones he could still repair somehow.
The first one is to kiss Sissy. Sissy was his first big love but when they had a date he didn´t kiss her. And he didn´t kiss her on the other date and the other.. So Sissy married his best friend.
Well, there is a bit problem that Sissy is now a very famous TV lady and she lives in quite far Dublin. And that Meg couldn´t be seen by any other person but McCall so he looked a bit insane when they spoke to each other in the full carriage...
From time to time I check Suzanne Vega´s blog and site. She is one of those whose lyrics are wondeful poems full of emotions and women´s point of view to the world of events that sometimes everyone has to face up to... I love her songs Calypso, Small Blue Thing, Caramel, World Before Columbus and many others... Here are some of them performed live:

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