Friday, 30 October 2009

Turning to the Dark Side

I was browsing through my latest posts and I was quite surprised how different they are from my older (or the oldest) posts. Was the last year really so different than this one?
Till June/July this year (and a part of the last year) was really tough one. Fortunately, from summer holiday the days have become bright again, and the old (although sometimes still quite tired) Me is back again. Or I think so.
I am going to write today about something I have mentioned about a year ago.
I am Gemini. That means I have two sides - the good one, and "the other" one. I don´t believe much in telling something about people just according their zodiac sign, but all I have read about Gemini.. well, that me.
These days I have found something else. I don´t have two sides, I have got three. At least. The very good one, the ironical one, and "the Darth Vader" one.
And these days I am definitely in my "Vader" mood. I am sharp-tongued, rough and wry. Still, I am not cruel (am not eating small children or so), which is the only positive thing about this state of mind.
And sometimes I think that people around me are glad I am in this mood. Because if they didn´t, they wouldn´t do such stupid things as making me angry or almost furious. I just don´t like when dull and not competent people try to make me do something stupid.
Now I am heading for getting control of some of the nearest galaxies. You know, sometimes it´s better to leave the line and rule your own world than to fawn over anybody pretending their opinion is the only right one. It´s not. Or it needen´t to be.

(This picture is called Point of View and it´s one of my favourite. But unfortunately, I don´t remember what artist it is made by. And I am quite sorry about it.)


Paula said...

I keep telling people who are frustrated to get themselves a blog, then they get to have their say and no one can do anything about. I'm sure you feel better...and translating it into English probably took some of the extreme feelings out of it. Whether that's a good thing or not, Darth, you tell me. It's not for me to say. '~)

NovaS said...

well sometimes.. .thanks happen for a reason...

Namnet said...

Paula, you´re right. Writing things and thoughts down helps a lot:-) And swearing. It also helps:-)
Today Darth has gone away. Maybe because of the nice weather, maybe I am just looking forward to tomorrow meeting with my two best friends. So now I am in my ironical mood. Which is good:-)