Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Indian Summer All Around

Today it has been one of the warmest days this autumn. Around noon it was about 28 degrees of Celsius. The perfect weather for a walk along the river.

My younger cousin is called Honza and he and Smallone are really good friends. Honza was so looking forward to our trip that he had cancelled his football training so he could go with us.

The sun was shining and me, my mother and my aunt (Honza´s mother) were chatting and enjoying the calm of the environment around us while Honza and Smallone were pretty far ahead discussing some important things as the ducks on the river.

We stopped at the dam, and we were watching some rowers for a while...

... and then we collected some chestnuts. We brought a few home, but most of them ended thrown in the river. It was fun.

The weather these days is really wonderful. The sun shines all day long, the temperatures are high. Extremely nice Indian summer.

Then we met my uncle (Honza´s Dad) and because we had needed some refreshment, we stopped in a restaurant for a drink. We sat in the restaurant´s garden and enjoyed the sun even more.

And then we had to set out home. So we said goodbye to the ducks:

... and then we accompanied Honza and his parents to their home, and we said goodbye to them as well:

(Smallone: "I´m not here!")

It was such a lovely day. We have agreed with Honza and his parents (and with Smallone, of course) on other trip next Wednesday. It´s gonna be fun again, there are no doubts.


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