Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Chasing the Gloom Away

Our mission (to make my sister´s life a bit easier and funnier) is going on.
On Saturday we went to the cinema. There were four of us - me, my sister, our mother and our grandmother.
It was my grandmother´s birthday so we wanted to do something special.

She hadn´t been to the cinema for ages. For really looong time. We were happy she enjoyed it. Well, we all enjoyed being together.
On Sunday my sister came with Smallone for lunch. After that we went shopping to the near supermarket, because the terrible thing happened! Maybe you remember Elizabeth, my sister´s dog. Well, she ate Smallone´s favourite pacifier. So my sister promised her to buy another one. And because Smallone is a very generous person, we had to promise her to buy also one for her doll. So there we were:

Notice the Smallone´s doll sitting in the pram. Smallone insisted on carrying her with us.

When we reach the store, we showed Smallone five different pacifiers, and this one won:

Smallone doesn´t need any pacifier during the day, but when she goes to bed, the right pacifier makes her calming down easier. She was carrying it the whole way back home because she was so happy about it. She´s our darling. But you´ve realised it already, have you.


Anonymous said...

Such a personality already! They grow up so fast!

PJ said...

After this, I'm definitely a Smallone fan. She has the presence and personality of at least three adults of above average intelligence. Keep us posted on all other major life events including any major wardrobe purchases in pink and statements about deeply felt thoughts and beliefs. And she has exquisite taste in binkies/pacifiers!

PJ said...
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Arija said...

A very important mission! I hope your sister is starting to come to terms with the situation.

Namnet said...

Oh yes. She is growing in front of my eyes! Anytime I see her, she can do something new.

Welcome to our We-adore-Smallone-Club:-) My mother and sister say hello.
I definitely will keep you posted about all of those important things. They take a half of my free time (maybe more) so I will write about them a lot.

A very important mission, indeed!