Monday, 24 November 2008

My Small Lifeguard Is Going to be... ME!!

My sister and Smallone visited us on Saturday. They arrived with the first snow this year. Yes, on Saturday I woke up and everything was white and covered under the first snow. The snow melted very early (You know, it was the first snow. It never lasts long.), but the low temperature has remained. As well as my sister and Smallone - they remained for lunch.
I took thousands of photos as usual (ok, just 78):

My Mum´s boyfriend: "Smallone is going to wear glasses soon or be blind, I am sure of that."
My Mum: "What? Why do you think so?"
My Mum´boyfriend: "With thousands (just 78!!) of the camera flashes heading to her eyes? There is no other result (sight)."

Well, I know, I know. But I must, MUST, take a photo of everything. And Smallone is so beautiful object. When my sister was pregnant, I was taking as much photos of her as possible. Our usual conversations those days were like these:
My sister: "Oh god. Everybody run away! Namnet´s got a camera!"
Me: "Calm down Sister. I am not going to photograph you, but your belly."
My sister: "And why? Why again? You took some pictures of it last week. It hasn´t changed, I assure you."
Me: "You don´t understand it, so please be quiet and don´t move for a while (laughing)."
My sister: "Oh come on, don´t photograph me. I look and feel like a big fat whale!"
Me: "Just once more picture. Come on darling, you aren´t fat. Let me tell you a secret. Perhaps you don´t know, but you are expecting a baby for the eight months already!"
My sister: "(laughing) Really? Somebody should have told me this.... Ok, so just one more picture, right?"
Me: "Of course.."
And I took another thousands of photos.

(Me: "Would you be so kind and look at me?"
My sister: "Didn´t you say you were going to take a picture of my belly, not me?" Me: "You´ve got me....

Notice my brother-in-law behind the cushion:-)

So I am the official photographer of every important (and even unimportant) event in the family. The result is that I am photographed very rarely. And I don´t mind. I like being behind the camera. And I like being able to catch those flying and disappearing moments.
Ok, I must confess - I really take photos of everything. Of everything I see and seems to interesting to me. My family loves me and they understand this little aberration of me.

On that special Saturday when my sister and Smallone came to have lunch with us, something amazing happened.
I was taking my usual thousands photos when Smallone came to me and requested my camera. And I was watching her with a big astonishment because she started to take thousands of photos. She took pictures of absolutely everything she saw. Even her hands were a bit small for my camera, and she sometimes had a difficulty to push its button and caught those pictures, and some of them were blurred a bit after all, I was so proud of her.
My sister: "Oh no! Look at her! She is really starting to be like Namnet!"
My mother: "Cannot she drop the camera and damage it? Aren´t you afraid?"
My sister: "No, don´t be afraid. Even when we try to take some photos with our camera she requests for it and starts to photograph as well."
My mother: "So that´s it. Beware the time she will have her own camera. Namnet and her... they will kill us with all those pictures!"
Me: "Oh yes! Beware! (cruel laugh)"

Here are some photos my small heroine took:

Her legs and some toys:

I must say I love this photo. I had to think deeply what she was taking picture of to be able to remember what this could be:-) And no, it´s not an egg...

I also have no idea how she could take this gorgeous reddish photo . I have never taken one like this. I cannot. Gosh...

Smallone loves phoning up. As many children, I suppose. We gave her the telephone to play with. So she took a picture of it.


Our two-year-old sweetheart and love...


The last photo was taken by my sister, Smallone´s Mummy. I would like to thank her for this superb photo (and for many others). And for helpful assistance with finding my mistakes in the text and telling me: "Sister, you´ve gooot mistaaake theeere!!!!"

Thank you very much Little Sister, I appreciate that! I really do.



kryssie's daily photo said...

She's adorable. Interesting name is it her real name? What's the history behind it?
My sister is coming with her crew for thanksgiving from Pennsylvania. I can't wait. I'm sure I'll have some photos from our feast and weekend.

PJ said...

Your niece is absolutely adorable. She was so serious at the wedding but smiling here. Also, you've just described the life of nearly every dedicated blogger. We love being behind the camera. :>) Tell me, Namnet, is your niece's name really Smallone or is that her nickname (small one)?
PS I love the song playing in the background. Really hypnotic.

Namnet said...

I am sure you will have a great time together.
And I am looking forward to some photos. We don´t celebrate thanksgiving here in Czech Republic, but according to things I know about this event, every birthday celebration in our family looks like thanksgiving:-) It is without giving thanks and there are some presents but all family come together and we enjoy ourselves. And lots of food:-)

Namnet said...

That´s one of my favourite songs. As you have your ever-changing header I have my ever-changing states of mind:-)
Perhaps the reason why I like being behind the camera is that there´s nobody who is willing (and insame enough) to take so much photos as I usually do:-) And I would miss every single move I wouldn´t record:-)

Namnet said...

And our sweetheart is really adorable, is she:-)
To your question about her name: No, Smallone is a nick name. Her real name is Tereza (Czech variation to English Theresa or Teresa).
My sister and I use nicknames quite often. Well, maybe I use them more than she does. But the point is that we have a few personal names for each other, as well as I have for Tessy.
For example, I often call my sister with one of Czech male names. And she often calls me "Sister" (with capital S). They are "our" names.
I have continued with the tradition and so Tessy got her own "our name":-) When we talk and name her as Smallone (small one), everybody knows who we talk about.

Anonymous said...

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