Tuesday, 28 October 2008

"Knock, Knock" "Who´s There?" "Halloween!"

The Halloween is coming. On Thursday and Friday there will be parties in all classes I teach.

My small students´ party will not be a party much. This year it is going to be about telling spooky stories, talking about the traditions and origin of Halloween, trying some superstitions. I´ve decided so because the year before we celebrated this day with music, tons of eerie food and sweets. So this year it is going to be a bit different but, I think, fine day as well.

And I am curious what my older students will do. They´ve divided to five groups and each group should make something to eat (or to drink), arrange some decoration, and prepare some presentation about anything relating with Halloween. That will be the party. I am going to take thousands of photos.

I like the history of this event and stories behind it. The whole night is so magical. Do you know that Halloween has its own site? You can find there everything - stories about origin of Jack-O-Lantern and Halloween itself, some delicious recipes, costume ideas, haunted hauses, and many many more. So visit http://www.halloween.com/ and enjoy the fun.

I am a bit sorry that Halloween is not celebrated in our country. The festival which reminds Halloween the most is the All Souls´ Day. It is celebrated on 31 October and commemorates our passed away beloved ones. People put candles on their graves and memorialise them.
And after the sunset, the graveyards become magical and enthralling fairylands studded with a soft light from thousand of candles.


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PJ said...

Hi Namnet, it's really interesting that you're celebrating Halloween with your students. I imagine that they'll really enjoy exploring spookiness and scary ideas. I love Halloween.

Namnet said...

thank you for kind comment. I will look at your blog soon, I promise.

Namnet said...

I celebrated Halloween with my small students today and it was very nice. And scary, of course:-)
Now I have to decorate the rest of cookies I baked for the party with my older students. I am trying to paint bats on them but I am afraid some looks like butterflies..