Sunday, 24 August 2008

Movie Party

With the Sunday girl we have built a tradition of movie parties. That means we buy together many kinds of crisps, some sweet things, lots of wine and watch about 3, or more, films. It is very relaxing and fun. And onslaught to our stomachs as we usually eat everything we have on the table:-)
So on Friday I made dinner (Sunday girl said it was delicious, thank God...), and while having that meal we started to watch the films.
The watched films were:

1. The Twelfth Night: Or What You Will (1996)

A comedy directed by Trevor Nunn and based on play by William Shakespeare. I like this adaptation a lot and highly recommend it. The actors are great and Imogen Stubbs (Viola) is believable in playing a man. I am not going to put here a plot because I know you know it, do you..:-) Here is the film in imdb site.

2. Head Over Heels (2001)

This comedy directed by Mark Waters is really funny. It is about an ordinary woman called Amanda who shares the apartment with four supermodels. These models are funny, say the darndest things, fall over things, into things, and generally make the slapstick part of the film work (as one fan said on imdb). And of course, there is a man, ok, Man (Freddie Prinze, Jr.) with a little secret. And things start to move when Amanda sees how this interesting man kills a woman in his apartment. But, did it really happen? Did Amanda really see a murder? She is not certain about it, and he is so cute and nice... The imdb site and the page with this film.

3. Lucía y el sexo (2001)

A romantic drama directed by Julio Medem. It is about Lucía and her novelist boyfriend Lorenzo. And it is about sex and what happened as a result of it. And it is about one special island that is not connected with the bottom of the sea and where there are holes you can jump in and you would appear wherever you want. Even in the middle of the story and go through some events again but differently...
I love this film. The title tells us about Lorenzo´s past (sex with unknown woman - one line of the film) and present (Lucía and what brings her to "his" island - the second line of the film). I think the Sunday girl liked it as well, but was a bit confused of some vague scenes. Here is the imdb page with the film.

To this movie party SundayGirl brought a pink wine. It was a good wine, but the best about it was the bottle. I took the picture of it next to a "straight" cup so you can see clearly what is "wrong" with it:-)

The "body" of the bottle is bent as well as the "neck". And here is the SundayGirl with the bottle and a glass and a smile...:-)

While watching the films we always sit on the floor. My couch is comfortable so I do not why we do so. But we always do:-)



PJ said...

Hi Namnet,
I love that wine bottle, good idea to put it next to the cup. Sounda like you had quite a night of it. I'll haave to check out the first and last movies. I had never heard of either of them.
As for TS Fay, it's very hard to understand catastrophes, to put yourself in that person's position. The truth is, there's no "safe" place. I know someone who moved from here after Hurricane Ivan and now they're dealing with tornadoes. Tight now the most difficult part is paying for homeowner's insurance, it gets to be very expensive.

Namnet said...

The whole night was really fun:-)
As for Fay: Yes, I know what you mean and the expensive insurance is quite bad thing. To pay more just because you want to live right there.

Photo Cache said...

I have seen Sex and Lucia twice or thrice and I love it too.

Namnet said...

Hello Photo Cache, pleased to meet you and welcome:-)
I was talking with two friends of mine about Sex and Lucia yesterday, and both of them find this film a bit confusing. I do not. I just love it:-) And it is nice you like it too:-)