Friday, 4 July 2008

Leaving with a wonderful T-shirt

I am leaving for a week tomorrow. We are going to the Czech Paradise. Or Eden, not sure. It is the literal translation of the place. It is the area not far from Prague (our capital city) known for the sandstone rocks (the heaven for climbers) , many castles and ruins of castles, churches, wonderful nature, and many other interesting things. I am going to take as many photographs as I could.
My grandparents took me (and my sister and cousin) there when I was about fourteen. We stayed at the castle built on one of those sandstone rocks. It was an experience. The following week we are not going to stay at the castle but in an old historical house and I am looking forward to the holiday there.

Yesterday I went shopping with a friend of mine. I found this tee shirt for the small one and had to buy it. Isn´t it gorgeous?:-)

The small one will be the first lifeguard with a swimming belt:-) Well, she is 20 months old, so it is going to be all right, I think:-)

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