Monday, 23 June 2008

The Sunset

Another of those days your body is melting and dehydrating. You are losing a lot of energy and liquid in your body just by breathing. A really hot day. I was sunbathing. For about seven minutes in the direct sunshine. Then I drank about a half litre of water and moved to the shadow. A truly hot day.
My room has windows to the west so I can watch the sunset. It is curious that the colour of the clouds and the whole sunset depends on the season. For example in summer it is usually coloured from pink to red and dark purple. In winter the sky is full of gold, burgundy and the clouds are black. Sometimes it seems the sky is on fire. Here are some pictures I took in January. They go as the sunset went on:


I should take some pictures these days. I´ve read somewhere (I cannot remember where..) that the colouring of the sunset depends on the smog in the atmosphere. A good deal of smog means more colourful sunset. But I am not sure about that. It´s just stuck in my mind. Some interesting article about sunset:

And here is the picture of the sunset not from my window (in the city) but from holiday on August last year when we stayed in the quite unspoiled nature of the mountains:

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