Thursday, 22 May 2008

Hair Again and The Wish List part 3

My hair is getting acclimatized. Today morning I arranged it with the hair iron very carefully but my beloved hair has its own mind and stayed straight just for about one hour. In the end of my working day my hair was wavy again. My thinking is branched, not straight so why should my hair be?
I think that your hair reflects your personality. I am not a very polish person and I don´t have to have everything which is in. So does my hair. My hair is wavy, free, fluttering and flowing in the air, and doesn´t care about anything.
Talking about hair - Neil Gaiman´s poem called Crazy Hair makes the transient time of coping with the new haircut more enjoyable and pleasant.
Reading with my students is going on... Meg and McCall travelled to Dublin. When McCall was sleeping, Meg got into his body and went shopping and to the beauty parlour. It cost a lot of money but the new McCall didn´t appear a dosser any more. In front of the studio we met Dossie the security guard. When he didn´t want to let McCall in, Meg found a pink box in his brain, opened it and suddenly he became the most approachable person in the world. And let Meg and McCall enter the studio...
I Saw a remarkable document about one of our best theatre directors. When he committed suicide, during his funeral these words were told: "The only truly thing in the world without borders is our imagination." And that´s it...

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