Thursday, 14 November 2013

Skywatch Friday

I haven´t contributed for a while (well, a long while..), but I was watching the sky and taking photographs of it the whole time. It is quite addictive, you know. Once you are a skywatcher, you are a skywatcher for ever.

So what is new? Let´s see... :

The swallows have flown away abroad to somewhere warm. And the ravens have come. And when they do, it means the winter is here.     

And I moved to a new place with a new view. And these days the mornings can be full of mist.   


You should see the other amazing skies from all over the world HERE.  You have to see them. I know you are desperate to see them. So go there, browse the site, and leave some nice comments:-) 
Happy skywatching.


Antonina said...

Beautiful photos!

Photo Cache said...

glad you're back showing your pretty skies.

sunshine said...

Your last photo is great, beautiful post.

LV said...

Lovey sky sights of the swallows flying South. The birds here are moving on as well.

Anonymous said...

What gorgeous shots!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Your skies are so warm and beautiful. No wonder you are addicted to watching them. (I'm not sure mine are ever that lovely, butg I'm addicted too!) I really loved this post.

Mary said...

Beautiful shots! Such wonderful skies!

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