Thursday, 16 August 2012

Three Women With a Talent

Have you ever realised that sometimes there is a difference between an art created by male and an art created by female artists?

Catrin Welz-Stein

Catrin is a graphic designer. A mother of two children. And her surreal gentle world is simply amazing.

For more great pictures visit Catrin´s blog:

And read an interview with her with other pictures here:

Brook Shaden

Brook Shaden is a 24-year-old photographer. Her surreal images as well as other photographs tell stories and create different worlds. Her work is wonderful.

(The Leaves of Linden Avenue)

(The World Above)

Be sure to visit Brooke´s official page: with tens of other great photographs.
And also visit her blog: to find even more.

Julie de Waroque

Julie is a 23-year-old French photographer. Her photographs oscillating between ironic surrealism and naïve dreams. She creates a world of fairy tales.

(The Sweet Escape)

(A Night to Forget)

Browse Julie´s other stunning photographs in her official site:

I have decided to attend a course of photography next semester. So now I am browsing the internet for inspiration. And these ladies are inspiration, indeed.