Monday, 11 June 2012

So Many Things to Do, So Little Time...

I have an exam period at university. For the last month I have been feeling like having no life. I am looking forward to the end of this month desperately. I must admit that I have no problems with my studies, I enjoy it. The only thing which makes me mad is that it is so time-consuming! I am not very patient person...  Couldn´t I just attend all courses in one year and then go straigh to the final MA exam?? Oh, come on, I´ve got things to do!:-)
Like blogging. Or writing anything else but didactics essays. Or reading Peanuts. Or reading Emily Strange books (where were these books when I was a child???). Or going out with my friends. Or going out with Smallone. Or trying to figure out how to move all the furniture in my rooms to make more space and what colours would be more suitable on my walls. Or watching new seasons of Hell´s Kitchen and MasterChef, and old seasons of That 70s Show. Or browsing youtube in case I find some new interesting band or song.  

This is one of those songs I have found. Quite haunting. And funny in an ironic way. Ok, I just like it.

And now back to work.

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