Sunday, 6 May 2012

Small Handbags and High Heels

I was looking after Smallone about three weeks ago. I picked her up from the nursery school and we spent the next four hours together. We bought ourselves some ice-cream, went for a walk, we visited two playgrounds and our last stop was a bistro with a big playing area outside where Smallone was jumping on a trampoline for such a long time that I was afraid she would be sick.
At the end of those four hours I was carrying a watermelon in my handbag. And also about 70 centimetres big soft toy, Smallone´s pyjamas and sweatshirt, two bottles of water, and some stuff I usually carry in my handbag, like some books, a purse, etc.
We had to buy a watermelon for Smallone´s mother, my sister. I was told it was absolutely necessary to buy it because it was the only thing which could make Smallone´s mother happy and relieve her from the fatigue she would suffer after coming back from work.
The day was hot so I also bought the two bottles of water. The soft toy and all the rest of Smallone´s things had been already in my handbag as Smallone convinced me to take it home from the nursery school.
When my sister finally got home and I was taking all the Smallone´s things out of my handbag (the watermelon included) I felt like Marry Poppins with her magic carpet bag.

This situation wasn´t out of the ordinary. My everyday issue - handbags and high heels. I love small and chic handbags. And I love wearing high heels. But I cannot do so during my ordinary working days. It is usually impossible. Firstly, I often have to walk a long distances during  my working days and sometimes I have to run when I am late or so. And it is nothing more ridiculous that a woman who tries to be graceful while running on high heels. Ok, maybe Sarah J. Parker in Sex and the City series can do that in a charm way, but I do not know anybody else who would look like her in this situation.
And secondly, I cannot carry small handbags. Because where would I store all those watermelons?

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kryssie's daily photo said...

Very good description. I could picture you two perfectly. I do not share your dilemma. I am ALWAYS in flats. I never wear heals and I never carry a handbag (unless it's a formal event like a wedding, handbag but no heals_. I usually have on sneakers and a backpack. After a day in New York I also feel like Mary Poppins and my never empty backpack.