Saturday, 10 March 2012

Yesterday and Once in September

Yesterday I met with Builder. Builder is a friend of mine who had been recontructing her flat for about eight months and it was finally finished last week. So tomorrow I am going to visit her in the new flat. Experiencing similar situation, I am proud of her because it is not easy to manage all the work for a single woman. But we agreed that these situations had learned us many new things. For example she explained me how to use a sledgehammer and I told her how to set a boiler. By the way, both of us hope that we would be able to forget all these things as soon as possible and that till the now on we would do only the "women stuff" and the "men stuff" would be done by somebody else finally.

So I met her yesterday and we talked about trips and journeys we underwent during the summer holiday and both of us agreed on a need of a few days off to take a deep breath and relax. We had wanted to fly to the UK, but yesterday we both clever women found out that none of us has a valid passport. So instead of it we are going to Budapest in Hungary during the Easter holiday. And I am extremely looking forward to it, because our last trip was awesome.

In September we went to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. The weather was absolutely amazing, I got sunburt a bit, I bought a pair of earrings (as I always do so when being in a new place), we had the most amazing lunch ever, we were on a boat trip, and everything was just great.

The Danube:

The thing which surprised me the most was its smell. In that day the Danube smelled like the sea in a tropical area. It had that salty humid smell which makes you close your eyes, turn your face to the sun, take a deep breath and smile with joy:

So our first steps led to the Danube and than to the Devín Castle.

The Devín Castle is a beautiful open space with many courtyards and gorgeous views. It was like being on the top of the world.

You can see the Maiden Tower and the confluence of Danube and Morava rivers just behind it:

Then we took a boat ride to the centre of Bratislava.

This is the Bratislava´s Castle and a part of the New Bridge. There is a famous UFO restaurant and lanes for pedestrians beheath the roadway.

It is not the most beautiful bridge in the world, but for some reasons I liked it. It is really charming, in some strange urban way.

After a boat ride and an extraordinary lunch (Builder is a gourmet and I am a hedonists) we walked through the Old Town of Bratislava and enjoyed ourselves.

It was one of the hottest day in that year. Wonderful day. And at the end of the day when we were waiting to our train home, tired and almost unable to move, I found out that I got sunburnt. But I did not mind. The day was unforgettable and pure relaxation.

As I have mentioned before, I think that the Bratislava charm can be called "urban". Even the historical centre of old town is wonderful and neat with all its beautiful small pubs and cafés, with its narrow streets and old buildings, you can still feel the urban reinforced concrete surroundings on one side and nature in its rawest form on the other side. Weird but very interesting combination. The city has its own personality and soul.


kryssie's daily photo said...

Great shots. Looks like a wonderful city. It reminds me a bit of New Orleans, with the river and the old world charm. New Orleans is a wonderful city for a foodie.

Photo Cache said...

so glad you stopped by my blog. i remember visiting your blog before when you were playing skywatch. how are you. i'll be back to read all the posts i missed.

Namnet said...

I hope I will visit New Orleans one day and will taste some great food:-) It is on my list of have-to-see cities.

Namnet said...

I loved playing Skywatch and I must say that I would like to continue. Even I wasn´t contributing I was still taking photos of the sky. So I have plenty to choose from:-)