Sunday, 11 December 2011

Learning to Learn Again...


I have started to study at a university again. And because I am impatient I decided to shorten my studies and study those six semesters in two years. That means that I am studying two semesters together now, instead of one. And I have also started a new job. Well, two new jobs as I am teaching at two schools. I am really enjoying my studies and I am glad for such great jobs, but my free time has become really precious and rare. And that´s the thing I do not like at all as I am accustomed to have many hobbies and to spend time with my beloved ones regularly. But...
But I have realised that those studies are also my hobby. I studied similar courses few years ago so these days I am focusing mostly on subjects I like. As literature, history, and cultural studies. And I am surprised how my perception of all these things has changed, how differently I see them now than I did about five years ago. Five years is not so long but I feel like I have passed quite a journey. Isn´t it weird how things start to make sense? Because that is how I feel it now - the things suddenly connected together and started to make sense in a very logical way. Learning never ends. It should not never end as it can change our thinking and therefore ourselves. Well, I just like the feeling when I do understand:-)


(just browsing through the photographs of summer)


Learning and getting new information is great. I like it. But I have found that my brain has some capacity and selects data for me. The unimportant ones are forgotten quite quickly. So three weeks ago I forgot my internet banking password and I had to go to the bank to solve it. And about two days ago I forgot my password to the account here, in blogspot. I had used these passwords quite often and suddenly my brain went on strike. I didn´t remember those passewords but I had been able to tell you thousands pieces of information about modern American writers, about history of the USA from 1900 to the present days, about Tom Stoppard and Peter Ackroyd, about cultural differences in terms of low and high context or polychronic and monochronic cultures, and other stuff like these. What does that mean? It means that my brain is not very practical one....

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