Saturday, 24 September 2011

20 Years Ago....

Exactly 20 years ago Nirvana released their album Nevermind. Today is the day. 20 years ago. Weird.

Sometimes time passes so unnoticedly and invisibly that only in days like these you can see it. You can imagine the time that has passed.

And today has evoked me some memory: I am about ten, eleven years old. It´s an evening and the whole family is at home. My father has bought some new tape and now he is going to play it. I am wondering what it is. While he is putting it in our old big cassette player, I am looking at the cover of the tape. There is a baby in the water and he is grabbing at some banknote. I have never heard about the band, but I like the cover. I find it interesting. And blue. I feel that maybe I don´t understand the message completely, that maybe I am too young (and I hate that feeling), but I still find it cheeky and definitely smart. I like it a lot. Then the tape starts to play. We are sitting in our living room and we are listening. My mother (who is going from the bed room and catches what we are listening to) doesn´t like it much and she is heading directly to the kitchen. My sister is maybe in her bedroom, I don´t know. It´s dark outside, the light in the room is quite soft, I am sitting in the living room with my father and we are listening to Nevermind.

When we were children, my sister and I, music was definitely an inportant part of our growing-up. There were so many different impacts that they helped us to grow in so open-minded people we are now. I believe it is so. My mother´s parents and my mother played a lot of classical music to us. If I imagine my grandparents´ house, the classical music is a part of the vision. Thanks to all three of them I also found musicals and let´s say popular melodies. My mother also liked to listen to pop music as The Genesis, The Beatles, music from the 60s and 70s and many others. My father was a rocker. Thanks to him we listened to Queen, Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, and again many others. We played the music at our old big cassette player, we sang along, we danced. So our base consisted of all these elements. From the classical music to the music of 60s to Queen. And we were like a sponge. We absorbed all of it and made it to be ours. And when time was passing we also added some things on our own. I added world music, dance music and heavy metal. My sister added something a bit different. But it was our parents and grandparents who gave us the love to listening to almost any music. And it is funny that when we are together now, my sister and me, when the radio is on we still sing along, still dance along together.

Today has been definitely a bit nostalgic day. Nice but nostalgic.


(I think their whole Unplugged MTV concert which this song is from, is one of the best concerts ever. Timeless. I have it on CD and I usually listen to it when I cook:-)

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