Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Perfect World and Becoming "We"

...and nobody pretends anything. And everyone says the truth to show their respect. And nobody hurts each other on purpose to show their love. They listen. They care. And nobody makes up stories or events to look perfect. Because nobody is. People wear their differences as a jewel. And when they are sad, they show it. And when they are happy, they show it, too. Being self-contented and hurt nobody while reaching that is the finish of long path, not the certainty. And everybody is able to apologize and means it. Everybody makes mistakes but they can set them right. And outspokenness is appreciated. And... well... maybe somewhere else. Somewhere over the rainbow or so.

At the weekend I was with my friends. They are lovely couple and they have been together for about six months. Both of them are quite strong personalities. But they respect each other and I think the chemistry also helps.

On Friday, me and my girl friend were out and were passing a board where the cinema programme was hanged. And we decided to go to a movie. On Saturday I sent her a short message if we would go. And she answered they would go. "They". I don´t mind her boyfriend, actually he is one of my best friends. But I have realised that she is using it very often these days. It is like if "she" and "he" have disappeared and they became "we". As I said before - I like her boyfriend very much. And I am happy if he goes anywhere with us. Well, maybe I should say if they go anywhere with me together. I am just surprised. For me it is almost like losing your own personalities and becoming one big unit. Which is nice and in many situations appropriate, but to be one unit at all costs... I am not sure.
For me the perfect words are: You and Me are We. Not just We and nobody else.


PJ said...

When friends become a couple you can definitely feel like the odd man/woman out. Makes me sigh whenever it's happened to me, what else is there to do.

Namnet said...

I did not mean it exactly like that, not with this couple. I have never felt like the odd woman out with them, they are the most wonderful people I know.
But sometimes I feel that the times when they were two people are off. I understand completely that they are a family now, that they are one unit. And it is nice and right. I was just surprised that they act like that in every situation, that they answer questions in the name of the other, that when one of them calls me the other one listens. I think that even in the closest relationship you should be able to have your own space. It shouldn´t be a secret place, just simply yours. Because even if you love somebody it doesn´t mean that you become him or her.
I am not sure if it is clear now:-)