Saturday, 18 June 2011

My Two Precious

This Thursday was for two of my best friends their wedding day. And I was a part of their story.

When I was looking for some photo of Adélka and me I found many of them. And most of them cannot be published as their character is quite wild, let´s say... We became colleagues about four years ago, we started to have lunches together, and soon we happened to be friends. And then she moved next door and we became even closer. Now I can say we are best friends.

We have overcome many hard situations and times together and we always support each other. In past years we were also on many parties together and we organised most of them. Wild times. My comrade-in-arms:-) And it was the same on Thursday when I was helping her to get dressed and to calm her down.

When I was looking for some photo of Joseph it was even harder than with Adélka´s photo. Because on most of them we are young. We have known each other for about fourteen years. We both studied at the same secondary school and because both of us were living in the hall of residence we became friends.

He is one of the most kindest people I know. And one of the most stubborn people I know. And funniest and briskest and the most supportive. If I had a brother I would like him to be like Joseph.

Joseph spent a few years in England and we were not in touch for some time. I knew what he was doing there, I knew when he came back. But we didn´t "talk". And last december we met and realised that we were missing each other. It was a wonderful encounter.

The Christmas was coming so the Christmas party was organized. And I invited Adélka as well as Joseph. So they met. They liked each other. It could be seen.

After a week all three of us went to dinner together. They told me it wasn´t a date. Maybe they didn´t make a date, but I could see how they feel about each other after an hour. And from that day they have been together. It is almost like a romantic story from a book.

So they met in December 18 last year. Now they are married and they are expecting a baby in December 19 or 20 this year. Destiny...


By the way. At the begging of this year me and Joseph were to see a fortune teller. And she told him that he would meet a girl who was going to be the right one for him, they were going to have a baby very soon and they were going to get married till the end of the year. And she told him some other things, of course. All of it has come true to these days. And Joseph didn´t believe her...:-)



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