Saturday, 21 May 2011

Spring and Summer Awaking in Vienna

Every season has its own smells and sounds as well as colours. The spring smells like freshly dug soil and lilacs in blossom. Its sounds are sounds of passeriform birds. And its colours are very light at first, but they continue to be bright and vivid after all.

Today a friend of mine showed me her new face cream and I smeared a bit of it on my hand. And because I have to touch and smell everything I investigate, I also smell this cream on my hand. And it smell like summer for me. For me summer smells like cool water, like coconut milk or oil, and forest full of coniferous trees and moss. Sounds of summer are sounds of your own thoughts. Because everything is usually so calm and days are so long that you have time to hear them. And the colours are a bit darker and the world has sharper outlines when you are watching it throught the sun glasses.

All those things mean spring and summer for me. And they also mean more trips. More journeys.


At the end of April I visited Vienna. A friend of mine organised a school trip there. And she invited me to join them. So I did. And it was a great day. Full of sun, slow motions and enjoying ourselves. We left all our troubles and worries at home. I did need this kind of pure relax.

At first we visited Schönbrunn Palace. I had never been there before. We visited the rooms and chambers inside and after that we spent some time observing and enjoying the Easter Market in front of the palace.

I visit the Christmas markets in Vienna every year, but this was the first time I had ever been to Easter market. And I loved it. There were so many wonderful wooden and pottery products, most of them hand-made. Our plan was to go through the market quickly and then to have snack in the famous gardens of Schönbrunn Palace.

But... In the middle of the market we found one special stall. There was a man who was selling the most beautiful pottery things we had ever seen. We were standing there for almost half an hour and it was: "Oh, look! Have you seen these?" "And look at those birds! Those are wonderul!" "And those cups! I have to buy one of them."

So I bought that cup and my friend bought some pepperpot and salt cellar in a shape of hens (I know it sounds aweful and kitsch, but they were not).

I would have bought everything there. Nothing kitsch, everything wonderful and made with an idea. We were admiring those products and thanks to that we had no time to go to the gardens. Which was quite a pity, but I would like to see them, so I know I will come back one day.

So.. then we took our group of students to the city centre, my friend showed them some important historic sights and then we had about three hours to do anything we wanted to. So... my friend and me bought a ticket...

...and left the centre to some other part of the city - to the north bank of Danube river. Where in the Donaupark there is a Donauturm ("Danube Tower"), the tallest structure in Austria and a lookout point and attraction.

There are two high-speed elevators and it tooks only 35 seconds to reach the viewing platform in 150 metres. Well, I don´t like these elevators. I don´t like elevators and it doesn´t depend on their speed. But I loved that one we were lifted up. Because it had a glass ceiling and I was able to see how we were reaching the top. It was awesome. If it hadn´t been embarrassing to me, I would clapped my hand because of pure joy:-)

There was a lift boy and he asked my friend very carefully: "Are you here for the first time?" And she answered that she had been there before, but her friend (me) was there for the first time. I think the lift boy must have distinguished that.

And then we reached the platform in 150 metres....

..and then we went to the revolving café on the platform. When I sat down I thought I would be sick soon as I felt weird about the movement.

But after some time it was ok and I did enjoy the view. And because we were tired and had to top up some energy we ordered someting nutritious and delicious.

It was a wonderful experience and I was so glad my friend took me there. I enjoyed it a lot. Also the park where the tower is situated was wonderful as well as weather. Just one perfect day.

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