Friday, 18 March 2011

Collecting Moments

I started to write about that maybe it´s better to be the black swan than the white one (even I am sometimes not sure which one I am), about me installing my new printing machine (watching me doing it must have been kind of slapstick comedy, I am sure). I started both of these posts but haven´t finished them and that´s why you are not going to read them. The first one was a bit angry, the second one was ironical and funny. But I suppose they were not meant to be.
Everything has its own moment and if you do not say or write it in that certain moment it could lose its meaning, or the meaning is lower or not so important or maybe it is like "ok" instead of "wow!". Well, the big and momentous things have more than one moment usually, of course. But I am not going to talk to myself back. Those posts´moments have disappeared and that´s it.

Not long ago I visited a friend of mine. We meet each other once a week, usually on Friday, and she call herself my personal psychologist as she helped me to solve two quite big issues during the last two months. She is completely opposite to me. I am quick, poetic, expressive, and able to solve fifteen things in one day, and I sometimes talk just because I can. She is able not to talk for a long time, run herself without discussing things, she can see the world from its very practical side. But we still share the same values. I like her because she isn´t afraid of telling me what she really thinks. And I listen to her because I know she cares. It doesn´t mean I obey everything she tells me, but at least I listen to her.
So. When I visited her about two weeks ago she gave me a sheet of paper removed from a magazine. And there was a definition of Gemini, which is my sign of zodiac. She gave it to me with a huge smile and told me that: "When I was reading it I was laughing a lot, because that´s you! That´s just simply you!". And then I read it and yes, that was me.
And among many other things there were sentences like: "The energy of Gemini is connected to discovering words and notions, making connections and relationships. The world for Gemini is a place of interest and relish. And a place of gathering and collecting moments."
My next post is going to be full of moments I have gathered this week so far.

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