Sunday, 14 November 2010

Does It Work?

Can a virtual relationship work? And can it be real when it is just virtual?
I am usually very sociable person. Very friendly when I like that person or find them interesting. It´s a kind of "hey, let´s be friends and spend the rest of our lives together doing silly things and talking about everything. Now you´re mine, all right? And I am yours so take care of me as well as I take care of you." One friend of mine once told me that I am an "avid and whole-souled and keen" kind of person.
And that´s it. Once I feel interested in something or somebody, I have to know all about it or them. If it is a person I like staying in touch with them. And if it is a thing I usually forget about it as soon as it starts to be boring for me.
(That is why I know all those things about all those different subjects. Come on, I am Gemini, it´s normal for us to know anything about everything, we are curious but not very constant. As soon as it starts to be boring for us, we can get rid of it very easily.)
So, I am keen on people. I like most of them. People are interesting. And I like to staying in touch with them. But. Maybe it is the same as with things. If they are not interesting enough I slowly lose my enthusiasm. It sounds awful, I know, but I still think that if you do not have a new input or impulsion in any kind of relationship from time to time, it dies.
(And further more I am a woman. We need to ruminate about everything. We just need to talk about things. We need to share things. We need to feel connected. And without new imputs what are we going to talk about???)
Every relationship needs to be cultivated. And it doesn´t matter if you´re a couple or just friends. And if it is a virtual relationship it is not easy, because it is limited in progress. It can´t go further and further. It has its edge. So is it a real relationship, or could it be? If you do not see each other, if you do not spend time together doing those silly things? If you share just some things you decide to share and when you decide to share them?
I started blogging because I needed to write and a diary wasn´t a good choice for me. I just can´t write into a diary. I need to share things, I need a response. Any kind of response. So I start blogging because it has seemed to be a nice chance to share photos and some thoughts, to make new friends I wouldn´t meet anywhere else.
I have met some wonderful people here. I have read and follow some great blogs. But. From time to time I bumped into a blog that was amazing, therefore had many followers. And when I started to follow as well it was a bit annoying when the person who runs the blog seemed to be bothered with another follower. And as I need those responses... I stopped to follow those blogs. You are bothered to talk to me, so why should I talk to you? No inputs mean it starts to be boring.
And there was time I stopped writing here. And I stopped to follow all those amazing blogs I had followed. I stopped by from time to time, but I wrote no comments, I just read the article, admired some photos and then silently disappeared.
And I thought to myself "Maybe I come back one day, and they won´t remember me. Maybe I will have to create a new community around me. And maybe there won´t be any. We´ll see. Well, what do I want when those relationships are just virtual?"
Yesterday I got an e-mail from Paula. We started blogging almost at the same time. I bumped into her blog by chance. At that time she was building a new home because of hurricane, I was writing about my gnomes and we started to follow each other blog. When we started nobody knew our faces. But we have grown to show even them here. And it was quite fun that we did it almost at the same time. Again. Paula takes gorgeous photographs and connects them with some interesting stories.
That e-mail from her I read yesterday made me really happy. Happy that she considers me her friend. And that she considers me worth writing me why she has to leave for a while. I hope she recovers and comes back as soon as possible. I will miss her.
So... first an e-mail from Chrissy, now from Paula. Yes, even the virtual relationships can be real. They are different, but they can be real.

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