Thursday, 1 April 2010

Adventure Playground With a Real Man

I had have a day off today. Yesterday I agreed with my sister to look after Smallone from the early morning. I promised to take her to our grandparents´ house, to have lunch there, and to sway on their magic swing. But Smallone´s body have had another opinion. When I came this morning she felt sick. She was ill. I was (and still I am) so sorry for her. There´s nothing worse than suffering and ill child.
So there was a whole day off ahead of me. I stayed with my sister and Smallone till after noon, and then I went to visit my best friend Mája. She and her husband were taking their three children for a walk around the river. As I live near that river I was going along with them for a while and really wanted to go home then. But again children and their opinions, they changed everything. So they never reached the river and I didn´t go home. We stopped somewhere in the middle of the route where there is a wonderful playground. And we were there for about two hours, and I took thousands of photos.

This is Tereza. She is Maja´s oldest child. She looks like Maja in miniature.

And this is Martina, she is the middle child. She´s got wonderful curly hair and when she is talking about me, she is like: "Is aunt Namnet coming? That aunt who´s got the same curly hair like me?"

And this is her youngest, Vladimír, almost-two-year-old boy with hear-warming smile.

Although there are more attractions as swings...

... and some other lures...

... the favourite attraction was this one:

I don´t know why but children loved it. They were like monkeys in a treetop. They were able to climb up and down for thousand times, they barely touched the ground. Even when they were thirsty they were gotten the bottle of water in the ropes. You know, it is so useless and time-consuming to climb down just because of some water.

Also Vladimír wanted to join his sisters up there in the heights....

... but he was so tired that he ended his journey up to the sky on my chest:


I am the kind of person who children usually talk to. Some strange children say hello to me while walking the street all the time. Is it so visible that I am a teacher? Maybe they can feel it and that fact force them to be polite. I don´t know, maybe it is some kind of weird teacher magic. But what I like about being continually talked to is that the children do so even while playing on the playground. So this afternoon I made some new friends. They were all deeply under my age but I didn´t mind.


And I met a real man on the playground. You know, that kind of man who is polite and tough at the same time, who can make you laugh and smile widely, who is clever and gentle. A man who can ride his bike like a devil, a kind of man who you never forget. And here he is, hiding behind his cap to be misterious enough to make you feel even more interest in:

Yes, that´s him! The winner of my heart. And why I know he is the real man? He told me. And I believed him unconditionally.

He: (after the oldest girl jumped down of one rope) "I can do it. Even better."

Me: "Really? Ok, but be careful anyway."

He: "I am not afraid. I am a real man, you know. I am tough. I am a real man as Spiderman is."

And he jumped down, got on his bike, smiled at me widely and moved off to the sunset.


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Anonymous said...

Za celou naši rodinku děkuji za krásné odpoledne a doufám, že muž tvého srdce je ten jediný a pravý Spiderman :-) Maja