Monday, 15 March 2010

To Be Under the Control of Tough Ladybug

Smallone loves attending the nursery school as she is usually very sociable and companionable. She likes learning new things, she likes being among other children. And she likes the special events the teachers set up for the children. One of them was a carnival.
My sister bought a nice fancy dress for her. Smallone was so impressed and happy that she spent almost the whole afternoon wearing it even at home (Well, I agree with her that it would be perfect clothes for wearing at home, for wearing it everywhere, anytime.).
The carnival was a huge success. Smallone was overjoyed. When my sister picked her up that day, Smallone couldn´t stop talking about it, how wonderful it was, what games they played, what other children were wearing, etc. And because my sister knew that the teachers were taking some photos, she promised the whole family to send them via an e-mail as soon as she got them. So we all waited for the pictures full of the most jolly Ladybug in the world enjoying herself.

And our little precious has surprised us again.

That "little grimace" on her face is probably an attempt to smile widely. She was so in don´t-you-dare-to-take-a-photo-of-me mood, that she looks like this in every single photo taken in the carnival. My father was browsing the photos and asked me: "She looks.. Oh, she didn´t like it at all, did she? Poor sweetie." And I just answered: "No, she really truly surely enjoyed the carnival. She loved that." And I am still sure she did.

My favourite photo from the carnival is this one:

Tough Ladybug: "Ok. How dare you not to follow my orders? You silly Spidermen!"

Spidermen: "Sorry, ma´am! It won´t happen again!"

Tough Ladybug: "Of course, it won´t! And now, go and get the control over this building! Go! Go! Go! ... Oh, sefrs - one have to watch over them all the time. Anyway, where is my white cat???"



Anonymous said...

Ale kluci vypadají, že i něco počítají, tak kdo ví, co jim Terka navykládala :-))

Peťa said...

pěkné, jen je z druhé fotky celkem jasné, který kostým vede v oblibě...