Saturday, 20 March 2010

Skywatch Friday

I haven´t been contributing for quite a long time. It´s connected with some things I had to manage outside the blogosphere. But I still have been taking photos of the sky. When you become a skywatcher, you´re a skywatcher forever. So here are some photos taken during the February:

This is a photo of sunset taken from my bedroom window.

And this photo was taken in front of our house. I just like the sharp outlines of the clouds and the way they are formed.

And this is a photo of the moment when the sun was rising among the clouds. It´s perhaps just the second sunrise photo I have post here. But maybe the time has come and there will be more of them as it is the part of the year when the sun rises when I wake up to work. So, there is a big chance I will take photos of sunrises more in the future. Well, till the summer at least, when there is a dawn very early here and as I love sleeping I don´t think I will get up just to take a photo of some sunrise.



Glennis said...

I like the final photo of the sun blasting its way through the clouds, it does look like a sunrise.

Grace Olsson said...

Hej Namnet, I am here..reading your posts and learning more ENGLISH LANGUAGE.
Nice shots.
Have a nice day, dear
I will come back soon