Monday, 29 March 2010

Hair Magic

My sister sent me a photo. A photo of me about two years ago with the long hair. And I mean really long with thousands of beautiful soft ringlets. And just for a little moment (which lasted for about two days) I regretted I cut them and shortened them of about 50 centimetres. And straitened them. The change was truly sweeping.

And then after those two days of regret, I admitted I had always known that I had to cut them. It was time for do so. Have you noticed that every important change in a life of woman can be seen thanks to her hair? Especially in connection with her feelings or love life, or something like that. We, the women, cut ourselves off our feelings through cutting our hair. And it usually works. Some kind of hair magic or so.

And some other aspect of hair magic is, that I behaved differently while having those straight hair. More strict or sleek maybe. These days when I have my curly hair back, I am more open, more bohemian. As I was during my teenage years. As I always was inside of me. Maybe I am not the right person for having straight hair.

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