Wednesday, 13 January 2010

"Pink? No, Thank You"

There are certain colours I just don´t like. For last two or three years I have been in no-green-or-orange mood. I don´t know why but I would never ever wear any clothes in these colours. I don´t mind when other people wear them as it´s their choice. But I would rather bite my hand than put anything orange on (or I thought so).
I know there are many shades of these colours and some of them I am able to accept. As khaki. Well, khaki only.
I love black and purple/aubergine things. I find these colours very nice. But my mum always says that I look like a black widow and when we go shopping for clothes together (especially for summer ones) it is like:

Mum: "These trousers are awesome! They would suit you."
Me: "Err... they´re orange. They´re pastel orange."
Mum: "Yes, and that´s very nice summer colour!"
Me: "Maybe. But I like these dark blue ones."
Mum: "These? They are not summery at all. You would look like a fool."
Me: "They´re perfect. I am going to try them on."
Mum: "As you wish... and what about these great white ones?"
Me: "Yeah, they´re nice. But not for me. I would be dirty all the time, you know. And I don´t like white. Except when there is another colour, like black or red, covering it."

(if you browse some summer-holiday pictures here, you can see what are my summery colours...)

I wear colours according my mood. And even they are usually dark, they are not dismal for me. But these days when the weather is awful (no sun, everything is grey) I´m missing some vivid colours. So I find myself wearing the tee-shirts and tops in such colours I wouldn´t wear any other days. I realised it on Monday when I was wearing a white tee shirt with long sleeves and a white and orange sleeveless top. The world is going to stop turning or something, I am sure....


I am not only one who is not a "pinkish princess" very much. According to Mirror in London Zoo, there are two flamingo chicks who are scared of pink.
The zoo keepers wear a pink hand puppet to imitate adult flamingos to get them to feed themselves. The grey month-old chicks may take a year to acquire their distinctive. The keeper Alison Brown says that they hope that when they turn pink they´ll be fine.
What´s wrong with not being in love with pink? I don´t like it either and I can live with it. Maybe those two chicks will have their feathers dyed when grow up. Maybe they just have an attitude.
(photo taken by Tom Arma:

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