Sunday, 8 February 2009

A Photo Report (Including Working and Posing Sweetheart)

Last Sunday my sister and Smallone´s holiday in our place ended. So till Monday they are at their home again and I miss all that excitement their staying brought.
And because the both sides enjoyed being together, I was invited by my sister and I stayed at her place for two days.

We played with cars a lot:

We cooked. First Smallone was cooking for her own (she was "cooking" some of her wooden toys):

Then my sister made lunch (it was absolutely delicious, Sister!), and Smallone wanted to help:

Smallone always wants to help. With everything we do. It is very sweet and nice, but thanks to this, every housework can be very time-consuming as "she is helping". But still it is sweet.

So here she "is helping" with hoovering (it was too heavy for her, but she didn´t mind):

(Now it´s better!)

Then my sister baked a magnificent cake.
(There´s special name for it, but I am not sure if it is a fancy bread or a scallop-edged cake. I found both of these names in a dictionary. In the photo, the cake is in its typical shape.)

In the afternoon (and after necessary Smallone´ s after-lunch-nap) a family friend, called Hannah, came. We grew up together, created secret clubs (with her brother and some other children from next door), our families have spent holidays together.

First, she and Smallone were playing with wooden bricks.

Then Smallone discovered Hannah´s handbag.

And there were so many interesting things she had to explore them. Some of them (as a hat or leather gloves) she had to try on. Simply had to...:-)

They had a great fun.

We all did.


Sister said...

Musím uznat, že to prckovi opravdu sluší. Povedla se!

Namnet said...

Oh no, my Sister is commenting!!! What happened? The sky has fell down?:-)))
Hi Sis,
I am glad you are contributing after all. We are still waiting for some post by you! But don´t feel any pressure... so when? What about? When again?:-)
Yes, Smallone is the cutiest child worldwide!

Sister said...

Neblázni, na to mi nestačí má ubohá slovní zásoba. Přece jen jsem už dva roky na mateřské :-)))

Namnet said...

To zvládneš!:-) Nebo dobrá, když budeš hodná, tak ti to přeložím:-)


Michael Reid said...

I like it. Start the kids hoovering at an early age!