Saturday, 20 September 2008

Who Wants To Live Forever?

The oldest man in the world has celebrated his 113 recently. His name is Tomodži Tanabe and he is from the south of Japan. His instruction to reach so high age is "don´t smoke and don´t drink alcohol". His daily routine is: get up at 5:30 a.m., always have breakfast, lunch and dinner, and in the afternoon drink a glass of milk.
The people of Japan reach the highest duration of live worldwide. They live, on average, to 85. The number of people there past 100 years old is about 36,000.

The result of reading this for me? I am moving to Japan. I have a good base as I always have breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus some snacks or refreshment (these are more pros, are they?) during the day. I don´t smoke (I will live forever!) but I would have to change my occasionally alcohol drinking (ok, I won´t live in perpetuity, chmm..).
The afternoon milk won´t be a problem. The waking up at 5:30 will be a trouble, affliction, inconvenience and difficulty. Well, maybe I am not moving right now. I will take some time to think about the endless life. I just hate getting up early so much...


kryssie's daily photo said...

Hi, I think a lot has to do with genes. My paternal great grandmother lived to be 96 and had a shot of whiskey and two aspirin every day. She was a mixed heritage of German, Welsh and Punjabi. I think the japanese eat a lot more fish and a lot less processed foods like we do.

Tina said...

wow imagine living till that age and telling stories saying. well hundred years ago when i was 13 lol

that is crazy!
thanks for stopping by my place :)

PJ said...

I don't know what to think about living to 113. Is there a point? I guess it depends on the person and their circumstances and their attitude. I plan on living each day, try to be in the moment as much as possible, and just see what comes of it.

Tezz said...

I am moving to Japan with you :)
But I was surprised about the milk. I thought that people from Asia do not drink milk that often :)

Namnet said...

First of all thank you for your comments. I think I have some fine friends there in a blogsphere:-)

to Kryssie:
I completely agree with you. By coincidence, my maternal great grandmother lived to be 95, and the amount of fat she ate would make my heart stop just to look at it. And the amount of cold beer she drank after lunch would destroy my liver just if I would touch the bottle... :-)
I find your great grandmother mixed heritage really interesting. My roots are somewhere in Austria, German and here in Czech Republic. My maternal great grandfather was a gypsy and I am still trying to find out where his family came from. They lived in Czech Republic for some generations so it is quite difficult.

Namnet said...

to Tina:
Can you imagine what kind of stories it would be?:-)
If I tell what happened in the past to my small cousin, he loves to say: "When? When you were young? You mean the time when the dinosaurs were alive?"
I am 26 and for him I am quite old. The 113 years old man would be a zombie for him:-)

Namnet said...

to PJ:
Perhaps I don´t want to live to 113. It would be amazing to follow all the important changes, the progress in science, etc. But I think it would be also very lonely and hopeless time - all of your friends and family would be probably dead, and to chase all the changes and development (of mobile phones, computers, etc.) could be very confusing. Especially for an old person.
You said it nicely - we should enjoy what we have now, try to remember every good thing what happened, try to learn from every mistake we made, and we will see what comes of it.

Namnet said...

To Tezz: Yes, the milk is a mystery...:-) I was trying to look it up in wiki, but there is no milk mentioned. Well, maybe there is, but I wasn´t able to find it among all of Sunomono, Karasumi, Dango, Kukicha, Umeshu, and many others:-)

Michael Reid said...

You wonder what his quality of life is really like though, don't you?

Namnet said...

To Michael: I always wonder of things like that:-)
But yes, wondering of quality of his life is included in this post. I am kinda wry girl:-) so sometimes it could be difficult to understand what I mean and what is just a joke. But you have a point in your comment.