Monday, 25 August 2008

I Don´t Want to Be Eaten By Crocodile....


On Wednesday in Bangladesh a wicked crocodile ate a man who was bathing in the hallowed Muslim lake. The man was bathing there because he wanted the crocodile to bless him. According to local policeman, five crocodiles live in this hallowed lake and hundreds of people go there every day to sacrifice goats and hens to them. The part of the ritual is also bathing in the water. The behaviour of the bad crocodile is said to be very usunual as the crocodiles are normally friendly and don´t harm the people.
So if you need to bath in the hallowed crocodile lake, my advise is don´t stay in the water long. Just get wet and then run to the bank. It is the same as with the machines: you cannot be too careful:-)
Some information about crocodile attacks (with notes about precaution) can be found in here.
  • Do you know that crocodiles can survive without food for about 6 months? Yes, they do. And they are believed to be 200 million years old whereas dinosaurs became extinct 65 million years ago; crocodiles survived great extinction events.
  • Many large crocodilians swallow stones (called gastroliths or stomach stones) and they are believed to be of use in acting as ballast to balance their body. Other suggestions have been made that they may have a function similar to that of grit in birds, which is in crushing food.
  • Crocodile embryos do not have sex chromosomes, and unlike humans sex is not determined genetically. Sex is determined by temperature, with males produced at around 31.6 °C, and females produced at slightly lower and higher temperatures. The average incubation period is around 80 days, and also is dependent upon temperature. [wiki]
And here is a superb photo of crocodiles´ meeting point:
("Hey, I have just eaten one excellent man in the hallowed lake!"
"Really? Oh, you lucky one."
"Yeah, they wanted to bribe me with an old goat first. They are not very clever, are they?"
"No, they are definitely not. They throw the goat to the lake and then go swimming there. They are weird... swimming with a death goat and five crocodiles. By the way, can you see the bird over there?..."
"Anyway, who will come with me there next time?"
"No, take me please!"
"Not them! Take me!"....:-)

The photograph is from Traveljournals site.


Tezz said...

ve crocodiles :) But I also don't want to be eaten by them :D But I think they are lovely animals :)

Namnet said...

I think they are weird:-) And find absolutely interesting the thing about determination of sex by temperature:-)

Peťa said...

no nejzajímavější je to s tou teplotou ovlivňující pohlaví.. tomu říkám vynález!

Namnet said...

Se divím, že ještě někdo nevymyslel, jak to patentovat u lidí:-) I když příroda by se radši neměla pokoušet, hm?:-)