Saturday, 28 June 2008

The Tranquil Place

On Tuesday I slept at my grandparents´ place. As I wrote before they were on holiday. I love their house. It is full of classical music (my grandfather´s spent 50 years in the symphony orchestra playing the violin), old-time photos, sculptures, books, and paintings and drawings. It is like living in a galery with regular concersts. And there is also a peaceful serenity and calm. There is no hurry, no flurries of confusion, no anxiety.

But it doesn´t mean my grandparents are bored and have nothing to do. They live very cultural life full of concerts, exhibitions and friends. Among them there are a few doctors, curators of galeries and museums, eminent musicians and conductors. Sometimes I think they know absolutely every important person from the locality. And to sit with them all and talk (or just listen to them talking) is an experience. They have undergone so many things and events, they know so many things and they still remain very humble and modest.

My grandparents (they are my Mum´s parents) have influenced me the most. Except for my parents, of course:-) They´ve been taking me to the concerts and exhibitions since I was a small girl. And when I started to go to school they looked after me every day before school (my parents had to go to work early and I was too small to go to school alone). And every of these days my grandmother made breakfast for me and read me a book. I was sitting still and listening to her reading me those thick books I hadn´t been able to read, or even lift, by myself. I loved those times.
This is my favourite painting hanging on their wall:

(Sorry for the angle of view, but took the picture from different angle there would be a flash reflecting in the picture)
When I was at my grandparents´ place on Tuesday, one of my favourite men came. He won´t be able to come to my Saturday birthday party (yes, another one, perhaps the last one) so he wished me happy birthday on Tuesday. We spent some easy time together, had dinner, emptied a bottle of champagne and talked. A lot. And I enjoyed it.

Isn´t he a puppy like?:-) I do like him.:-)

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